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What is InvisibleShield® On Demand (ISOD)?

A cloud-based solution, enabling retailers to cut and apply screen protection film for virtually any mobile device in minutes.

ISOD Machine

How does it work?

Simply select the device model on the included tablet and load selected InvisibleShield® film into the machine. Within seconds, a custom cut screen protector is ready for install.

Watch the video for more detailed instructions

How do I buy & sell ISOD?

Each location will need a Starter Kit. Starter Kit includes the ISOD Machine, Tablet, Tablet Mount & an Installation Kit, which provides all of the necessary application tools, such as squeegees and cleaning cloths, and a 25 pack of film to help you practice.

Blank film sheets are available in 10 & 25 packs, depending on size. You will sell individual units from these packs, custom cut to fit a consumer’s device.

Selling ISOD to a customer
ISOD Starter Kit Details

Why You Should Care


Protect 1000s of Devices


No Excess Inventory

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Reduce Packaging by 96%

Benefits of ISOD

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Protection for every device always available. No need to hold device protection inventory. Increased sales for new device launches. Influence upsell decisions in-store. Drive footfall from online to in-store


Service Driven

Service driven retail and instant customer happiness that can’t be experienced online. Measurable customer satisfaction. Addressing the customer’s immediate need. Service every customer every time

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Optimum Support

All the support you would expect from
a trusted partner like ISOD. 5* Staff training. Call Centre support / Portal / APP. In-store POS kits & sales tool


Active Intelligence

Reporting to help you run circles around the competition. Real time data on: quantity and type of device cuts and top performing stores. Service improvement insights, Customer satisfaction data



Helping to create a sustainable future. Reduce packaging Less shipping footprint


Patented Technology

The best screen protection is also now protected under U.S. patent (10416621) titled “On-Demand Production of Electronic Device Accessories.” We can now protect our partners from non-patented options and offer a more regulated service to the marketplace

Customer Benefits


Protect what you love


No Compromises


Immediate Protection

Film Assortment

ISOD Product LineUp

Designed for Sustainablity

By using 95% less package, ISOD allows you to drastically reduce the enviorment impact on shipping.

In-store Merchandising

Connect your customers with ISOD

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Ultra Clear+
Small = Screens up to 6.5 in. Fits most phones and small phablets.
Medium = Screens up to 8 in. Fits most large phablets and small tablets.
Large = Screens up to 12 in. Fits most tablets.
Each location will need an ISOD Starter Kit, which includes the ISOD Machine, Tablet, Tablet Mount & an Installation Kit, which provides all of the necessary application tools, such as squeegees and cleaning cloths. It also includes a 25 pack of Ultra Clear+ Small film to allow you to practice cutting. All of this is provided for a fee of $50.
  1. To provide an option when glass is notavailable.
  2. To offer more variety & protection than liquid.
  3. To satisfy price-conscious consumers.
  4. To offer premium features like VisionGuardTM and Privacy without the inventory risk.
  5. Speed to Market for a brand new device launch
Every 250 to 300 cuts, it is recommended that you replace several of your tools to keep the machine and installation running smoothly. A replenishment kit of these tools can be purchased from VoiceComm for $30.00. If any of the equipment needs troubleshooting or service, ZAGG’s call center is available Monday through Friday, via phone or live chat for assistance.
We insist on providing training and launch tools to each location, to ensure your success.
This may be done virtually or in person, based on availability, by location. We also have tons of digital resources for ongoing support.
A Point of Sale kit is available, upon request, which includes Information Leaflets, Shelf Wobblers, Posters, Take to Cashier Cards, Standees, and Window Acetates.
Detailed reporting can be provided, tracking each cut, by location. We can schedule regular reviews of this data, to ensure that store performance is meeting expectations. Performance gaps will be addressed with additional support and/or training.
InvisibleShield On Demand film is eligible in accordance with your standard VoiceComm return policy. Film must be in unopened, resaleable condition.
Equipment & machinery returns will be handled on a case-by-case basis, as needed.
All current films contain Antimicrobial Technology

Additional Information

Connect with Us on ISOD

Contact VoiceComm if you would like to find out more about the InvisibleShield On Demand Product Line. Either reach out to your sales representative or use the contact form provided.
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