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No More Paper Price Cards

Mobile Price Card is a simple yet powerful mobile application that displays pricing, specs, and ads on in-store demo display devices. Price changes are updated instantly, accurately and securely across all stores through an intuitive web-based dashboard.

By advertising on the screens of live demo devices, both customers & staff get valuable info at a glance, informing them about accessories and ancillary services. Elegant and compelling content elevates the customer’s experience, helping win them over and convincing them to buy more. In addition, powerful analytics provide actionable data about what’s really happening on the sales floor.

Mobile Price Card:

  • Updates device pricing
  • Targets promotions with specific devices
  • Provides an elegant, visually rich experience
  • Helps customers, sales and back office staff
  • Is easy to understand and engaging
  • Translates into multiple languages
  • Saves time, money and aggravation
  • Wipes content on devices daily
  • Allows future date price changes
  • Provides user interaction data
  • Is just plain cool

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