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The Beyond Repair Hub is your resource center for knowledge, upcoming events, and general information that VoiceComm has curated specifically for the mobile repair industry. The BRH will provide you with tools to increase accessory sales in store, educate your employees on products, and share useful, relevant insight regarding today’s top industry trends.

About Our Program

The 4 principals of VoiceComm’s Beyond Repair Program—Value, Profit, Strategy, and Experts—will provide your business with the foundation it needs to have success as a consultant, retailer, and trusted advisor for your customers.

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Our Program

VoiceComm's Beyond Repair program is designed to help Repair Centers bring differentiating value to their business beyond repair with accessories.


What is the Beyond Repair Experience?

Our program aims to help you organically maximize your profitability by repairing, protecting, and enhancing every device that comes through your door.

Why does this matter?

The global mobile accessory market in expected to reach $121.72 billion in value by 2025.* Are you prepared to profit as much as you could? *Source: Future Market Insights

VoiceComm's Beyond Repair program consists of four essential principals to enable repair centers to maximize every opportunity available:

Beyond Repair

Package and position accessories to maximize profitable opportunities and protect the customer's investment.

Our program will prepare you in positioning the right accessory solutions by:

  • Preparing you for qualifying your customers
  • Helping you identify buying motives
  • Provide you with 40+ industry-leading brands

Beyond Repair

Understand how to measure the success of your BEYOND REPAIR program.

Our program will provide formula guidelines to:

  • Track results and set benchmarks
  • Calculate your full profit potential
  • Package deals to maximize opportunities

Beyond Repair Strategy

Make product selection and introduction to your repair store easy with planograms, merchandising, and marketing assets.

Our program will help design effective strategies to:

  • Formulate the right product assortment
  • Display products attractively within your store
  • Utilize in-store tools to emphasis interaction

Beyond Repair

Provide tools to create accessory experts with training, product seeding, and sales promotions.

Our program will help you employ the benefits of:

  • Arming your staff with product knowledge
  • Seeding product into your staff's hands
  • Incentiving your staff to boost their sales

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Our Family of Brands

Our goal is to curate a product portfolio that represents the most innovative, high-margin options from top-selling brands in the market.

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Beyond Repair HOT 101

Best-selling accessories in repair differs from Wireless Retail, so check out our HOT 101 IN REPAIR list for today's hottest.

Top 10:

  1. Popsockets
  2. OtterBox Symmetry Series
  3. OtterBox Defender Series
  4. OtterBox Commuter Series
  5. Incipio DualPro
  6. Griffin Power Products
  7. Speck Presidio Grip
  8. Popsockets Licensed
  9. UAG Plasma Cases
  10. Speck Presidio Clear

With more than 40 nationally recognized brands, VoiceComm has the selection you need to succeed. Contact us for more information.


Guides for your accessory playbook.

Spring/Summer 2018 Accessory Lookbook

As your repair business heats up in the Spring and Summer months make sure you have the eye candy to keep customers in your store and excited!

The products in this lookbook have been hand-selected by our team to complement mobile lifestyles during this period of fashion trend-setting, outdoor activity, beach-going, and adventuring. We hope it complements your success.

Some notable brands you'll want to check out:

  • LifeProof
  • JBL
  • Skullcandy
  • Kate Spade
  • and so much more...

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Access VoiceComm's On Demand Webinar Archive for a complete list of the exclusive webinar series VoiceComm and our partners have produced.


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